A 'Day with TF' covers
the following topics:

- Chart Patterns

- Volume

- Cause = Effect

- Fibonacci

- ABC Measured Moves

- Confluence

- Setting Stops

- Support / Resistance

- Swing Points

- Gaps

- Setting up a Trade

- Setting Rules

- Risk / Reward Mgmt


"Thank you" really isn't adequate to express my appreciation for the incredible opportunity you have given me.

The day with TF on Friday was invaluable.  I have traded for 20 plus years (not really traded but built bad habits and losses for 20 plus years) and it is very rare to find someone that is willing to mentor and give so generously of their time to teach those that are willing listen and put in the time to take advantage of your years experience.

Friday was extraordinary.

You methodically and clearly presented the process that you teach and reinforce every day.  Teaching is not easy and most people are not good at it.

The best teachers are contagious with their passion and have the ability to present the material in a way that engages the student.

TF I have so many bad habits and spent years perfecting them.  My biggest demons are falling back into my old patterns.

However, since religiously following you for more than four years now I am making real progress at becoming a successful trader.

I owe it all to you and your walking beside me.  The key is you teach us how, not what to do.  That is so rare.  Thank you so much for this opportunity, trust me I am not wasting it."

Linda W. ~

"In one word: AMAZING! I loved the slow, methodical approach to each subject and the reasoning behind each subject. Also, having the interaction like we did was great and much more intimate than the daily webinar's which I found very helpful.

This was my first experience like this since joining and I must say has definitely been a game changer.  I truly believe that TF put his heart and soul into last Friday's session and i really think it paid off. Thank you so much for all you do to help make us better in the market, as well as life."

~ Eric ~

"Thank you for so generously giving of your time on Friday to methodically teach (not tell) and reinforce the concepts that you work with us on, on a daily basis.  It really drove home the need for patience and need to let the market come to you, as well as the technical aspect of identifying the best risk reward trades and being in the right trades at the right time.

Half of the battle is psychological and you do a great job at helping us resolve that.  Thank you so much for the intense mentoring.  In everything that we do it is very hard to find people that are generous enough to give of their time and expertise to mentor others.

~ Linda ~




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