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"The ability to review your positions personally with  TF, interact live during trading hours, and have detailed discussions about stocks and markets within a small group, is priceless." ~ Jason S.


"The coaching sessions allow you to discuss the market live with TF as he walks you through trades while they are developing and through execution with entries, stops, and targets.  You get the opportunity to see the market through his eyes and study with live examples of what to look for when taking a trade and what to avoid.  I feel like my training has been sped up and elevated to a higher level."  ~ Chris C.


"The coaching sessions start with you and evolve into a cohesive group to support the goal of trading consistently and successfully.  The synergy created amongst the participants has been amazing.


If anyone is ready to be immersed in the intense coaching sessions I would highly recommend the 6 hour video first.  In fact, it should be a prerequisite."          ~ Deborah B



A 'Day with TF' covers the following topics:- Chart Patterns


- Volume


- Cause = Effect


- Fibonacci


- ABC Measured Moves


- Confluence


- Setting Stops


- Support / Resistance


- Swing Points


- Gaps


- Setting up a Trade


- Setting Rules


- Risk / Reward Mgmt





"In one word: AMAZING! I loved the slow, methodical approach to each subject and the reasoning behind each subject. Also, having the interaction like we did was great and much more intimate than the daily webinar's which I found very helpful.


This was my first experience like this since joining and I must say has definitely been a game changer.  I truly believe that TF put his heart and soul into last Friday's session and i really think it paid off. Thank you so much for all you do to help make us better in the market, as well as life."     ~ Eric ~


"Thank you" really isn't adequate to express my appreciation for the incredible opportunity you have given me.


The day with TF on Friday was invaluable.  I have traded for 20 plus years (not really traded but built bad habits and losses for 20 plus years) and it is very rare to find someone that is willing to mentor and give so generously of their time to teach those that are willing listen and put in the time to take advantage of your years experience.


Friday was extraordinary.


You methodically and clearly presented the process that you teach and reinforce every day.  Teaching is not easy and most people are not good at it.


The best teachers are contagious with their passion and have the ability to present the material in a way that engages the student.


TF I have so many bad habits and spent years perfecting them.  My biggest demons are falling back into my old patterns.


However, since religiously following you for more than four years now I am making real progress at becoming a successful trader.


I owe it all to you and your walking beside me.  The key is you teach us how, not what to do.  That is so rare.  Thank you so much for this opportunity, trust me I am not wasting it."       ~ Linda W. ~

TF is committed

to  teaching


Professional and innovative methodology for the highest performance

“Thank you for your help and insights. I have been a professional in the stock market for over 31 years. In that time I have met only a handful of people that really know how to trade the market.

The only way anyone would teach me anything was by asking questions when I was working with them.

I guarantee none of them cared if I understood answers.

To have the opportunity to work with someone who knows how to trade, is willing to teach and actually cares about his students has been amazing."  Andrew



I knew nothing about stock trading before I met you TF.  Let me emphasize nothing. My scientific background taught an entirely different language and discipline. When I read those letters and heard the level of experience, expertise and responsibility your members have, 15 yrs. experience, managing other people’s money...etc. etc. I began to wonder if I was in the right “classroom.” You know that my journey started with a loss of money which I wanted to get back. That was all. Little did I know it would turn into a challenging, all consuming new and exciting path for me.

You say “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I believe that when an impassioned teacher shows up, the students will appear. And you showed up. Lending your influence on our behalf, so that we can apply the vast concepts you teach in a useful way. With your strategic, no-nonsense approach, you keep us clear, alert and focused.

Equipping us to own our game, know our opposition and know ourselves better. There is never a dull moment in your classroom and no one leaves uninformed. Demonstrating solutions instead of letting us stray into complexities. Why? Because you see a greater good in all of us and force us to see that as well. What little confidence I had to start with, turned into determination.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you. Just thank you for approaching each day with such skill, compassion and thoroughness.


"I took the time to go over my notes and truly digest what we went over during our one on one.  You immediately detected that I was buying early on the ascending channels and you taught me to wait for the break of the trend line on volume.

Well TF, I took that to heart.  I was watching GOOG all last week build the B to C on lighter volume and once it broke the trend line, I pounced.  I made about $15 dollars on the move!!!  I was so freaking excited that I was applying everything you taught me correctly that I think I scaled out to quickly!!!  Nevertheless, I am giddy because everything is coming to me!!"   Frank

"I'm on my 50th hour of the work week and have another 24 more this weekend, BUT I've watched every minute of video's you have posted on the site this week and read every chart over.

Just wanted to thank you again!!  I've had 5 straight winning weeks!  This week I made zero trades which was a win because I protected my profits from previous weeks!  You've helped me stay calmer and SEE charts better.  I still have a long way to go, so please continue to teach!"            Adrian

"I'm a big fan of your since 3 years back i'm following you on Twitter. Forgive my bad english, I come from a land far far away in South East Asia where monthly salary is only 150usd/month....

Here after only seeing you trade. i understood clearly that Stocks are Stocks, these are items which people trade based on emotion, information, news and many other things.....and much more like life seeing from a bigger has cycles, patterns and crowd behaviour. "     Ian

"Thanks TF,

Appreciate all the input and support.  I've been on this ride since the website opened and love all the posts / webinars.  I'm 25 years old and you've given me all the information / support to be successful as long as I put in the time to study / learn to practice and perfect my own trading system.  Look forward to it all"         Allen

"I have been a member of yours since mid-2013 and it has been the single best investment I have ever made in myself. Prior to joining, I had been trading stocks and options for over 15 years and overall lost a great deal of money. The bad habits I accumulated over those 15 years did a lot of damage to my bank accounts.  Through all of it I still love to trade and have a passion for it.  Prior to joining you I had signed up for several subscription based services with multiple services from stock and option picks, monthly newsletters, webinars, etc.  All of them put together have taught me nothing about how to really trade seriously and remind me of just throwing darts at a board.

Since becoming a member, you have not only been a mentor through your videos, tweets, and live webinars but have also become a good friend and have really helped me understand the unbelievable number of mistakes I have made to lose so much money so consistently.  When you have bad habits they take time to overcome and you really need to rework the way you think since I had been thinking the wrong way for so many years on so many levels.  There have been several times when I've reached out to you for advice at pretty much any hour of the day and you unselfishly jumped online with me or gotten me on the phone to help me through a trade.  Considering how much you have going on in your own life and you make me feel like you really care.  You are there for me more than some of my longest friends.

Your depth of knowledge, understanding of the markets and the way you convey it is priceless.  The way you can communicate your thoughts and teachings through videos and live webinars on multiple areas of focus; from how to come up with a plan for a trade from start to finish, how to manage your trade, and how to analyze individual stocks with different techniques is incredible.  You take the time to explain things when people have trouble understanding.  In fact, you tell many people including myself the same thing over and over and over again but to erase the bad habits, it is often necessary.

I'm glad you remind the beginners the road they must take isn't easy or that they will get there quickly...but the journey there is what makes them rich...the end result will take care of itself...Your teachings have taken about 6-8 months to sink in for a veteran who was up and mostly down for many are the mentor and friend I've been looking for over the past 15 years and without you I would still be completely lost.  I really do think differently now about trading and am much calmer when executing a trade without as much stress after pressing the button.  I know I'm getting better every day because of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have taught me and money you have saved me so far.  There were times in the beginning and in between that I've wanted to give up on myself and trading altogether but you have showed me that over time with studying and hard work it can be done successfully.  I am not there yet but I am on the right path thanks to you.  I believe that some people are put in your life for a specific reason and you are definitely one of them.

For anyone thinking of joining:

If you are thinking about becoming a member it is well worth your time to enlist in a free week so you can get an idea of how much he has to offer and bring your trading game to an entirely different level.  His advice is real time as we all go through these uncertain times and will give you a chance to sit back, watch, and learn.  TF's style is clear cut.  He gives incredibly accurate and timely advice.  It’s not always what you want to hear but he always gives me the truth; regardless if it hurts or not because I know some of these people could potentially get burned big here if they don't know what they are doing.  Understanding what patience means, how it relates to consistently successful trading, how to take profits and manage a trade, his gold calls has all been spot on."       Chris




Mentor to thousands.  Learn from one of the best in the Industry.



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